It is unfolding in front of our very eyes.  During an age of endless information, it is impossible to ignore, yet that is exactly what the world seems to be doing.  Christianity, the places where the Gospel was first brought by the apostles, the amazing cultural developments  that ensued, and the wisdom which became world-wide and eternal owes all its fortunes to the people and places which are now under endless attacks by the most brutal Islamic thugs since Mohamed’s armies conquered and enslaved these places originally.

Rape, beheadings, torture of women and children while the hearts of men are eaten by the armies which are hell-bent to spread Sharia and overthrow the legitimate governments that had been in place.  The burning of churches and slaughter of Christians along with the all out destruction of monasteries, libraries and orphanages is reported as a sidebar, but in fact is the goal of mostly foreign fighters coming to dip their knives into the blood of the innocent.  Priests and deacons murdered, with their sacred vestments than worn by the killers as trophies.

Perhaps the most unusual aspect, as an American, is to realize that your own country is backing this apocalypse.  The Obama White House likens the burning down of several Christian churches in Cairo and the murder of those simply for being the followers of Christ as remarkably consistent with the events during the American Revolution.  A statement that loses the shock value of being so inane, by the sheer cruelty it attempts to dismiss.

As we watch Syria, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan sink behind the Islamic Curtain, we can only take safety in the promises of Jesus Christ and the faith that these martyrs and lost treasures of the faith reflect only the worldly evil which is Islam, against the eternal victory of Christ on the cross.


3 thoughts on “The Cradle of Christianity Under Attack

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